3 Handles Durable Dog Bite Pillow Training Tools


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Why 3 Handles Durable Dog Bite Pillow Training Tools?

This is a must-have tool if your training your malinois for dog sports, protection, or working dogs. It’s great for tug of war, dive building, and so forth. I have this and Dog Bite Tug Toy – K9 Training Bite which is also great. For tug of war I would recommend watching the following videos, by Robert Cabral The Game of Tug, Tug Toy Basics, Outing the Toy, How to End a Tug Game.

Some important notes this is not a toy do not leave it with your dog and you should only use this if your dog is an adult if you have a puppy than only after their baby teeth have fallen out. If you have a puppy you can use a homemade rag and small ball attached to a rope, like in this Build Prey Drive.


Material: Jute
Color: Beige
Handles: 2 sturdy nylon handles + 1 anti-clip handle
Usage: Training, Bite, Play
Suit for: All breeds, large, medium, small dogs

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